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Think of yourself as a tour guide.  Let readers know what to expect from each of these blogs.  What’s the blog about, who would enjoy this blog, and what are some of the highlights?  Remember you are not critiquing, but rather you are seeing what you can learn from this blog and guiding others through the blog.  You may do a separate post for each blog or you can combine them into one post.  Be sure to link to the blogs as you mention them.

Mrs. Robinson

Marleigh V. D.

Bonnie Robinson

ENGL 1117 35&53

23 April 2019

Bianca Harris

Fitness Blog

Long’s Blog

Bean Léannta

Long ago, the Blogosphere lived together in harmony

Then, everything changed when the Blog Tours assignment attacked

Only ‘We Are Writers’, master of all blog posts, could stop them, but when the world needed it most, it vanished

100 semesters passed, and my laptop and I discovered the new English blog, a website called D2L. And although its powers are great, it needs a lot of updates before it’s ready to save anyone.

But I believe D2L can save the world.

Image result for atla gif
Image from season 1, Episode 4 of the series Avatar The Last Airbender

This came to me and I needed to share it. SO BACK TO THE ASSIGNMENT

The three blogs below mine on the blog roll are really blogs I would look at with or without the assignment to write about them. Bianca Harris spins unique rhymes as a weaver would a soft cloth; Fitness Blog provides admirable depth and practicality in the otherwise difficult subject of general fitness; Long’s Blog is, like, a wee bit intimidating at first, but is actually clear in its content and interesting.

Bianca Harris is a poetry blog, mainly; the posted poems as of today being Love, Tree in Me, and Stay Awhile. I found Love to be particularly prolific, as it wraps the reader into an emotion so human that it instantly awakens empathy to the situation and the feeling. Tree In Me uses anaphora with “Willow willow that I…”; rhyme, rhythm, and repetition source simple poetry with meaningful words. Simile, metaphor, assonance. I remember my middle school poetry unit. Bianca Harris reminds us of why that unit is important: a creative expression of feelings, to find fellowship with readers and a personal catharsis.

Fitness Blog has described the app ‘My Fitness Pal’ and all of its many uses in My Fitness Pal, has given a practical, yet inspiring account of Starting Fitness. These posts are detailed, yet readable, proving a school project to be actually useful for real life. Props! Additionally, I must admit, I was a bit nervous about yet another fitness blog that had the potential to bring down another torrent of insecurity and body hate. Fitness Blog, though, maintains a tone of realism and practicality, giving advice more geared towards one looking for true, basic information and tools rather than motivation from guilt.

Last but certainly not least on the roll is Long’s Blog! Long’s Blog has thus far covered what it takes to become a mechanical engineer in terms of college and study. Long and any other engineers certainly have a long journey ahead of them, if Long’s Blog has anything to say about it. I admire Long for not only taking up journey, but for writing about such a practical yet extensive topic. I am certainly curious to see where the blog goes next, and looking at the blog has inspired me to look more into my own course in life and whatever surety I may need.


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